Office of the Wisconsin State Treasurer

Higher Education Day is September 30, 2010.

Join us in recognizing Higher Education Day as an important step in planning your educational future.

Wisconsin’s Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer and Superintendent of Public Instruction have collaborated together in a joint proclamation to designate one day as Higher Education Day. This website is intended to give you the information and tools to create events and programs marking the day and encouraging our citizens to seek higher education. Please use this site to learn more about the intent of the day and the various events going on around the state.

The day is set aside to raise awareness among all citizens that higher education in Wisconsin is accessible and to inspire students of all ages to reach for post-secondary education as a goal. Higher Education Day was created to educate children and adults about saving for post-secondary education by making them aware of the savings and financial assistance programs available to them through EdVest and other resources. The organizers of Higher Education Day will call attention to these important issues:

  • The future will require workers who are flexible and creative.  Workers who are able to adapt to changing situations in business and personal life. Post-secondary education will provide the training and education necessary to make our children problem solvers and leaders.   
  • College can help students qualify in fields they are interested in. Students interested in being doctors, teachers, or business executives, or thousands of other career choices, can train in the specific field and qualify.  The more education they get, the more likely it is they will always have a job. 
  • A college education makes well-rounded people. It shapes  communication skills, expands the knowledge base, creates methodical and organized learners, and exposes all of us to a whole new world of learning.
  • Higher Education provides a more secure future for all citizens.  Going to college means access to more jobs and better jobs.  College students generally make more money over the course of their lifetime and contribute more to the economy.  College graduates are healthier and more active and have dramatically higher rates of employer health care coverage than those who have not attended an institution of higher learning.  And college graduates are more civic minded, voting more often, volunteering in their community, and providing a better quality of life for their children.
  • One of the most important things we can do for our children is to provide them with possibilities for their future. By saving for higher education, those possibilities multiply. And by increasing awareness of savings programs, the promise of higher education becomes more accessible.
  • The state has created many incentives for families to save for and afford higher education. Programs exist to help families reach the goal of post-secondary education and representatives from these programs join with us in promoting Higher Education Day.